What should I wear to my family session?

Today at Isadora Photography, we are going to cover a great topic!

What do you wear to a family session in Houston? 

So today let's talk about a big stressor for most families, wardrobe! This honestly keeps some families from doing family photos for years! Never fear, Isadora photography offers wardrobe! But, if you are like me, you might want a certain look. I have put together a few things for a family to look over before the session! Below you will find a Pinterest board that has some suggestions for you and your family! 

So lets cover a few of my tips for wardrobe!

#1. Be yourself!

Above all else I want to capture who you are! Your moments with friends and family, you in your most conformable self! So with this being said lets make sure you are wearing clothing you'd really wear in your everyday life! Also lets make sure you are able to move about freely in this outfit! 

Family Session

#2.  Coordinate outfits!

Dont be afraid to wear patterns! To wear something in other than white! Remember be yourself! The best way is to pick two who will wear the patterns and the other family members will wear more of the soild colors! For example take a look a the image below! 


#3. Layer, layer, layer!!! 

So dress for the season but if you have several layers we have the opportufnity for tons of looks and posefs! 

#4. Personalize the session

Bring a few things from home. A few props that will make the session a touch more personal! For example if we are doing an outdoor session bring your favorite cuddly blanket and we can take a few shots of you and your sweet family on it! 

Below is the Pinterest Board, it has great examples of what to wear to your family session. 

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