Birth Photography Houston Venekamp Birth

The Venekamp's are very special to us here at Isadora Photography! We had the opportunity to photography Tiffany during Maternity, Labor, & her son's newborn photo! 

Some of you might remeber her amazing milk bath session we did at our stduio in Spring. 


Tiffany and her husband had no idea that I was planning on attending their birth. We had discussed it but it just wasn't an expense they had in their budget. Annually, Isadora Photography loves to donate a session to a family! More than anything we love to donate to Veterans! 

So, I went home and discussed it with my combat veteran husband. He said Ashli, of course, you should do it! So just like that, I knew I would be there! Erin Young with Mother Nurturing was her doula! Luckily Erin is also my business partner. We were able to correspond the day Tiffany was in labor and surprised Tiffany with the option to have her birth capture. She was overjoyed!

Tiffany Birth was as beautiful as I imagined it would be! Her strength & courage was empowering!  

She had the perfect midwife! 


She had the perfect doula! 


and last but defentaly not least she had her husband by her side! 


She rocked her birth! 

If you are entered in having your birth photographed please contact me for more information!