my birth photography journey.


Last year my husband found out we were expecting!!!! We couldn't have been more delighted. We did everything to make this memory last! We did a gender reveal photoshoot, babymoon, I hired a midwife! (she was and is amazing) And we decided we would have our little nugget at home! Thats right an at home waterbirth! Well we couldn't do all this without hiring a birth photographer. So then the real work started I had to find a birth photographer…. man it was exhausting!! but I found one. She captured my whole labor and delivery. When I received the images from her, I was shocked. These images showed everything. I got to see what everyone else witnessed. I was able to tie how it felt to give birth to what it actually looked like from a different perspective.  For the rest of my life I will charish these images.My children will be able to see them and thier children will as well. These images will stand the test of time. The very moment I received my images I looked over at my husband and said “babe I want to do this! I want this to be my career. I want to give women this beautiful gift!” And that is what truly launch me into this type of photography.  

Life is beautiful.

Childbirth is a gift and I want to capture it! Whether you are an adoptive parent, having a caesarean or a vagianl birth let it be captured. It's your birth journey!

Ashli Sacramento